Monsignor’s Homily

Sunday, February 25, 2018: Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son in order to please God and to show his devotion to God. God will provide. Today we are reminded of the end of our Lenten discipline and the resurrection of Jesus. In the transfiguration- Jesus told the three apostles Peter, John, and James to keep quiet on what they witnessed until the son of man has risen from the dead. Through the transfiguration Jesus is preparing his disciples for that event in their lives where they themselves would explain to the people professing and proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. Lent reminds us of returning to God; not only for the next four weeks but for the rest of our life through prayers, to acts of penitence, to reaching out to others, and through the Eucharist and true faith. We ask that we all may be transformed this Lent so that we can all live fully the graces of the resurrection of Christ.

Sunday, February 11, 2018: In the days of Jesus, people who had lesions on the skin were ostracized and isolated from the main crowd. It was a sign of uncleanliness like lepers. The leper was rejected but Jesus accepted him; he made him a brother. The leper went to see Jesus asking “If you wish, if you think, if it’s worth doing; please give me a cure”. Jesus replies “Of course I will. Be clean”; and the leper was cured. It wasn’t so much the cure of the leper, it was the will power of the leper to come out of isolation and shout to Jesus “Give me a cure”. The miracle was not so much witnessing through Christ, but witnessing through Jesus the things that are so hard to ask. If the leper followed the needs and wishes of the crowd, he would not have come out at all to shout to Jesus. Never, because that was the hardest thing to do. We have things that are hard to slip or get out of us. We pray to ask Jesus “My Lord, are you willing to help me to come out of this and this and this”? And if we listen very carefully, he will tell you “I will. I will do it”. But he will also ask you “Are you prepared to cooperate with me”? I hope you will also answer “I will”.

Sunday, January 28, 2018: One prophecy of old, is profits are messengers from God to tell one who is struggling “You need to struggle more than you are doing”. That is the work of the profit. Jesus is the new Moses, trying to lead people with authority and to stand tall with God. He makes people question, “How do I get right with God”? The people of Jesus’ day were in awe as they had never had anyone speak to them like he did, with authority casting out demons. The demons in us can never be cast out unless we open them up to Jesus. We must let ourselves be open so that Jesus can work that miracle. We have a choice, “How do we make ourselves open to the authority of Jesus to work in us”? As we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, we are here because of the power of Jesus. His power continues to lead us. We continue our obedience and we shall all be cured.

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